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Before you can book your driving test you need to complete a theory test. A theory test has 50 multiple choice questions followed by a hazard perception test.

Multiple choice section

The test is 50 multiple choice questions for which the pass mark is 43 out of 50. These question are all based on the highway code. It is recommended that you revise the highway code and there are many resources available to help you. You can pick up a copy of the highway code from WHSmiths and other good book stores as well as Computer programs and DVDs to help you revise. You can also practice your test here through Gov.co.uk.

Hazrd Perception

The hazard perception test follows the multiple choice question. You are sat at a computer and will be shown 14 video clips. All of the video clips will show one or more developing hazards such as pedistrian about to cross the road or a cyclist about to go around a parked car ahead. You have to click as soon as you notice a hazard you get a higher score the sooner you notice the hazard. Be careful not to click repeatedlly or in a pattern as you will score zero for that clip. The pass mark for hazard perception is 44 out of 75.

Booking your theory test

When booking your theory test be careful as some sites charge you to book a theory test at a higher price as a scam. The theory test costs £30 plus a £1 booking fee. The official link to book a theory test through the gov.co.uk site is here. This is the same with your practicle test visit our Practical page to learn more and book your practicle. You must have a Provisional Driving License to be able to book your theory test and you must have passed your theory test to book your practicle test.

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